The team behind ABA Visualized is now available for remote, BCBA Supervision!


Get to know your supervisor: Morgan 

In addition to co-creating the ABA V product line, Morgan is a practicing LA-based BCBA that works in home and school settings. She has previously worked internationally advocating for ABA and providing parent training. As a BCBA supervisor, she focuses on teaching applied skills that prepare candidates for independence in a BCBA role. Morgan utilizes ABA V's signature visual and interactive style to create an engaging supervisory experience.


What is needed to start

Eligible for supervision per BACB Experience Standards (including enrollment in an approved ABA Masters or certification program)

Employment or placement in an ABA setting or access to a client that could benefit from ABA services with necessary consents:

  • Consent from employer or on-site supervisor

  • Consent from client to be recorded and observed remotely by me

**Note: Due to Covid-19, the requirement of providing direct services has been waived by the BACB

Complete 20-130 experience hours per month

Access to a computer with internet access, webcam, microphone, and video recording device


How does it work


We will meet virtually to discuss the overview of the supervision program, curriculum and requirements. This time will also be used to discuss your personal interests and goals so that we can customize your individual experience. Following, you will review and sign the required supervision contract and we will set up a reoccurring schedule for our meetings.

Weekly supervision meetings

We will meet online weekly, or bi-weekly at a designated time. ABA V has developed a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses teaching BACB Task List items through recommended readings, applied skills activities, and access to carefully curated resources. Meetings will consist of interactive teaching of a topic including use of visuals, modeling, and role play, followed by structured assignments that will be completed independently outside of meeting times.

Direct observations

Video Samples: Candidate may be asked to provide video samples of work implementation as a means of meeting the BACB requirements of 2 supervisor observations per month.

Direct Overlap: Supervision may occur, with proper documentation, through video conferencing during times when the candidate is providing direct services with a client. 


What does it cost

The pricing structure is simple. My hourly rate for supervision is $75 per hour. The BACB requires supervision equal at least 5% of your fieldwork each month. For example, if you have 20 hours per week of fieldwork, you will be required to have 1 hour of supervision per week, which would equal $75 per week. 


Types of supervision hours


Activities that are unrestricted are those that best exemplify the work of a behavior analyst who develops programs and systems for others to implement. Unrestricted activities must comprise at least 50% of the total experience hours (i.e., not individual supervisory periods). Examples of unrestricted activities include (but are not limited to):

  • Observation and data collection

  • Training staff and caregivers on behavior-analytic programs or content

  • Conducting assessments related to the need for behavioral intervention

  • Meeting with clients about behavior-analytic programming and services

  • Conducting behavior-analytic assessments (e.g., functional analyses, stimulus preference assessments)

  • Data graphing and analysis

  • Researching the literature relevant to a current client’s programming

  • Writing and revising behavior-analytic programs 


There is a restriction on the delivery of therapeutic and instructional procedures to ensure that experiences include the development and design of programs and systems for others to implement. Restricted activities may comprise no more than 50% of the total experience hours (i.e., not individual supervisory periods).

  • Direct therapy, working with clients


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