BCBA Supervision

ABA Visualized is currently on a waitlist for BCBA supervision, however, we have a list of available BCBAs who utilize our Supervision Curriculum that we'd love to recommend to you! Reach out to learn more.


What we offer

ABA Visualized is known for using approachable language and visuals to teach tricky concepts & build confidence in ABA skills! Check out our curriculum with a free trial to get a sneak peek into what you'll learn through our supervision. At ABAV, we focus on teaching applied skills that prepare trainees for independence in a BCBA role. Learn how to apply BACB Task List concepts in real life scenarios! Our supervision emphasizes naturalistic teaching (NET) and individualizing strategies to be reflective of clients' strengths and preferences. Aligned with our mission at ABA Visualized, trainees will learn how to teach essential ABA skills using approachable language and relatable examples. We utilize ABAV's signature visual and interactive style to create an engaging supervisory experience. Get ready to role play!

As part of the ABAV team, you will receive individualized mentorship to help develop the skills needed to reach your BCBA goals. You will also be connected with a trainee cohort to start building your ABA network! We have developed a collection of independent activities that help further your professional development. Unrestricted assignments through ABAV may include

  • Developing parent trainings / trainings for new ABA providers (and presenting virtually to an international audience!)
  • Developing classroom behavior management systems & accompanying visuals
  • Consulting on client cases including identifying socially valid skills to target, developing skill acquisition goals, parent training goals, and behavior intervention plans
  • Listening to recommended podcasts / reading recommended books & reflecting on how you can apply what you've learned into practice
  • Creating training content and organizational behavior management systems that you can use to jumpstart your own BCBA practice!  


Supervisor: Morgan

In addition to co-creating the ABA Visualized product line, Morgan is an LA-based BCBA with 15 years experience in both home and school settings. She has previously worked internationally advocating for ABA and ethical best practices. Currently, Morgan leads virtual and in-person trainings that aim to provide inclusive, accessible, and approachable resources & services for families around the world. Additionally, she continues to provide direct services through school-based FBAs and virtual parent trainings. 

Note: Morgan has completed the required 8-hour supervision training & is in good, active standing with the BACB



Supervisor: Devan

Devan is an LA-based BCBA, currently working in a school setting. She is passionate about cultural considerations in the field, research-based training methods, and catering supervision to the interests of the trainee. Additionally, Devan consults for community engagement and outreach programs throughout the country. She looks forward to extending her reach into international relations with the ABAV team!

Note: Devan has completed the required 8-hour supervision training & is in good, active standing with the BACB



How it works

Meet & Greet! 

30 minute free consultation: We will meet virtually to discuss the overview of the supervision program, curriculum and requirements, including accumulating restricted vs. unrestricted hours. This time will also be used to discuss your personal interests and goals so that we can start to customize your individual experience! Following, you will have an opportunity to review and sign the required supervision contract and set up a reoccurring schedule for our meetings.


Weekly supervision meetings

We will meet online weekly at a designated time. ABAV has developed a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses teaching BACB Task List items through our signature visuals, applied skills activities, and access to carefully curated resources. Meetings will consist of interactive teaching of a topic including use of visuals, modeling, and role play, followed by structured assignments that will be completed independently outside of meeting times. Visuals are provided to support further independent learning. Our supervision services include ongoing feedback opportunities, mentorship, and customized training topics. 

We also offer 1x per month group supervision in which BCBA trainees will meet virtually to discuss an applied skills topic such as Cultural Considerations When Working with Individuals with ASD, Strategies for Reducing Stigma, and How to Create & Lead a Training. 

Interested in having ABAV oversee all of your hours (unrestricted + restricted)? We are available to conduct the required monthly client observations via live video or video recording while maintaining client confidentiality, as stated in our provided consent forms.

Interested in having ABAV oversee just your unrestricted hours? We can do this too! With our collection of independent activities, you will have plenty of opportunities to accumulate hours while learning essential skills. 


Client observations

We are able to support in fulfilling the BACB requirement of at least one client observation per month, whether you will be doing this through your current employment or directly through us.  


What it costs

Our hourly rate for supervision is $75 per hour for our 1:1 meetings & group supervision meetings. Following each meeting, we provide extra scenarios and resources for independent assignments. We have unrestricted hours activities galore! We are open & available throughout the supervisory experience for guidance and assignment assistance. The BACB requires supervision equal at least 5% of your fieldwork each month. For example, if you plan to accrue 60 total experience hours that month, you will be required to have 3 hours of supervision during the month. Invoices are sent monthly via an easy email payment.



Samples of our BCBA Curriculum

Sample 1

An example of our focus on discussion & role play methods to teach essential applied skills that will help you be prepared for a BCBA role


Sample 2

An example of how (sometimes tricky!) ABA concepts are taught through our signature visual style

sample of BCBA Supervision curriculum


Sample 3

A sample from our group supervision topic titled, "Let's Collaborate!" This interactive group supervision included evidenced-based strategies for effective collaboration, a game titled "Who to call for what?" which taught roles of various service providers, and role play activities to practice the newly learned collaboration skills.

sample of BCBA group supervision

 sample of BCBA group supervision

sample of BCBA group supervision




BACB requirements, visualized!

guide to BCBA supervision hours requirements


Let's connect!

Reach out to Morgan at info@ABAvisualized.com for more information