Our mission at ABA Visualized is to make behavioral expertise approachable, accessible, and relatable. This has been our mission since our first publication in 2018 and continues to guide decisions in everything we do.

As a BCBA working abroad and then with the vibrant international community in Los Angeles, Morgan quickly developed a passion for supporting under-serviced families. She realized the recurring barriers affecting these communities and limiting their access to effective behavioral expertise: long waitlists to learn from expert service providers and an abundance of technical jargon-filled texts. Morgan began to refine her approach to better disseminate behavior strategies to those who truly need it: families and educators.

As an infographic designer, Morgan’s husband, Boudewijn (Bou), naturally understands how visual storytelling can make the unclear, clear and the unknown, known. In a true collaboration between Morgan and Bou’s skillset, their flagship product, the ABA Visualized Guidebook, was created utilizing step-by-step visuals and approachable language to accomplish that sought-after accessible behavior expertise.

Since this publication, ABA Visualized as a company has grown to offer a collection of books and trainings available worldwide. We aim to continue empowering others through approachable education on strategies that can make truly meaningful impacts on individuals’ lives.


ABA Visualized loves to connect & collaborate!

  • We teamed up with ABAI España to publish ABA en Imagenes, enabling behavior expertise to be more accessible to Spanish-speaking families
  • We presented at USC, training their graduate students on leading effective & approachable parent trainings
  • We donate funding and resources to organizations important to us and aligned with our mission including: Autistic Self Advocacy Network, Autism Wonders (Ghana), Jazz Hands (Los Angeles), and Li-TAFO (Tanzania)
  • We presented at numerous national & international conferences including ABAI, TED, CEC, and CalABA
  • We collaborate in an ongoing manner with our trusted team of expert service providers, educators, families, and self-advocates


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