Parent Training Tips from the Experts


Collaborative Parent Training is essential to effective & long lasting progress

Research consistently shows that when families are involved, the more significant and long lasting the treatment results are for the child. At ABA V, we aim to make behavior expertise accessible, relatable, and approachable to all. Our visual guidebook teaches essential ABA skills through step-by-step visuals with no behavior jargon, making it a perfect tool for easy parent training. For those providing virtual parent training services, our TeleHelp e-book is a ready-to-go resource with 5 visual lesson plans of essential ABA skills. 

Whether you are providing parent training as part of your client's ABA service package or leading 1:1 parent consultation services, our recommendations will help create engaging, collaborative, and effective support.


How to gain & sustain buy-in

Parent Training ABA Tips  

Gaining Buy-in

〰️  be collaborative: although you are the behavior expert, you are not the expert on their child, their family dynamic, or their culture. Start by asking questions & being an active listener 
〰️  be individualized: create goals that are specific to the family’s current needs. When teaching, use examples relevant to this specific family.
〰️  be approachable: no behavior jargon! Use our ABA Visualized Guidebook for easy, jargon free teaching!

Sustaining Buy-in

〰️  be humble: sometimes our recommendations don’t work for a family & that’s ok! be open to collaborating with other experts & trying something new!
〰️  be flexible: our lives are changing all the time (especially now), which means top priorities are likely to change too. Continue to ask “what’s your current biggest concern” and adjust your training based on that
〰️  be rewarding: buy in comes from seeing positive changes and feeling heard. Take time each session to recognize the growth that the client AND parent have made!


3 questions to ask during every parent training session

3 questions to ask every ABA parent training session 3 questions to ask every ABA parent training session 3 questions to ask every ABA parent training session    

Parent trainings can be intimidating but they are oh so important! Here are our 3 questions we ask every session to keep that communication and support flowing:

〰️  what is working?
〰️  what are your current concerns?
〰️  what questions do you have for me?


Individualize parent training goals

How to write parent training goals ABA


At ABA Visualized, we are big on individualization! Goals and teaching style should be customized for each client & family. Consider:

〰️  when this skill should be used (specific activities)
〰️  what will it look like for this person (specific examples)
〰️  what teaching style to use (BST, video model, visuals, etc)