About Us

Morgan van Diepen (BCBA)

Morgan is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with over ten years of working experience in the field of ABA. Starting as a 1:1 therapist in home and school settings, she quickly realized her passion for creating a positive impact on others’ lives. With further experience and education, Morgan began training parents and teachers on how to use ABA strategies to best support their individual needs and improve their students’ quality of life. She has presented at internationally recognized ABA conferences on the topics of using visuals to support parent learning, how to promote accessible implementation of classroom behavior supports, and effective collaboration strategies when working with educators. Morgan continues to act as an advocate for approachable and accessible behavioral expertise for families and teachers.


Boudewijn van Diepen

Boudewijn is an award-winning infographic designer who approaches every project from a conceptual and original perspective. His ability to effectively shape complex information into an understandable and aesthetically attractive visual is evidenced through his more than 7 years of diverse experience ranging from projects for government agencies to start-up nonprofit organizations. Boudewijn loves to use his creativity to make the unclear, clear, and the unknown, known.



Devan Owens (BCBA)

Devan Owens is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a passion for working with families and staff development. Her educational background, outside of ABA, is in community psychology, African and black diaspora, and women and gender studies. Her interests in the field are heavily based on cultural sensitivity and inclusion. Her goal is to serve as many families as possible and inspire as many staff as possible. Her future pursuits of learning are in the areas of international ABA, development of higher quality education programs, and the creation of more supportive, streamlined, and applied-based BCBA supervision. Her words to live by are, “Always remember your why.”